Perfect Oud 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
Sweet Praline 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
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Rose Exaltante 100 ml, Mizensir



“We don’t know each other yet, but I know you won’t be able to live without me from now on. I am going to be your new obsession. You won’t see me coming and first, will only perceive my delicate Bulgarian rose whiff. Then, the pink pepper and the chamomile blue will come along and subtly inebriate your senses with their spicy scent. Some say they surrendered at that very moment, totally taken by those spices to which I have added just enough of styrax and oud wood, to make it more sleek and graceful. I am not like other roses. You can’t pick me. You can not catch me. I am the one who comes to you. My scent is as powerful as woods and salves and hides the musk sensuality which quivers underneath the skin.”

Top notes: Bulgarian rose essence, Paradisone®, pink pepper essence

Heart notes: oud essence of Laos, chamomile essence

Base notes: Honduran essence styrax, Muscenone dextro®, Exaltone®