Original Oud 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
Rose Exaltante 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
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Perfect Oud 100 ml, Mizensir



Bright red embers slowly burn bits of oud wood; its smoke gives the full intensity of this amazing material. “Perfect Oud” is the memory of this burnt wood for which Alberto Morillas made the decision not to include any oud wood essence. “Perfect Oud” is an emotion. The one of slow rising heat. A scent of leather and smoke which penetrates the skin and linens. The rarely used Alaska cedar dominates here, revealing leather and incense notes. If coriander and bergamot oils cool it down, cade oil joins in to invigorate the blend. Hot and radical, “Perfect Oud” eventually bends thanks to the rose and iris oils. And smoke can turn into a marvellous wake

Top notes: essence of bergamote, essence of coriander, essence of Bulgarian rose

Heart notes: concrete iris, oud accord

Base notes: Alaska cedar essence, cade wood essence