Ideal Oud 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
Little Bianca 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
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L’Ombre Du Lys 100 ml, Mizensir



Lilies suffer from a preconception and a strange paradox. One day the symbol of virginity charged with a flavour of sanctity, it’s also the typical femme fatale’s spicy and sometimes too overwhelming scent. Like the lily of the valley or the honeysuckle, oil can not be extracted from lilies; hence Alberto Morillas decision to create a perfume around this rather strange flower. Neroli and orange blossom were then selected to come and soothe the heady tuberose when white musk mixed with sandalwood came in to offer their sensual softness. L’Ombre du Lys is sensual or even at times, sexy. A perfume for self-assured and assertive women.

Top notes: Hédione®, neroli of Tunisia

Heart notes: absolute tuberose of India, absolute orange blossom

Base notes: Sri Lanka sandalwood, white musks