Edition De Veronique 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
Ideal Oud 100 ml, Mizensir
Novembre 21, 2020
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Elixir De Musc 100 ml, Mizensir



A siesta This is the perfume for a skin that sleeps under the sun. When just about to shut your eyes, a soft heat soothes both mind and body before they give way to sleep. Elixir de Musc, the aptly named! Alberto Morillas wanted it as condensed as an elixir and filled with all the powdery musks, so swathing that one dreams to be wrapped in it. To further intensify the feeling, Elixir de Musc has no head note. This perfume should be worn like a second skin, beaming and warm, enriched with a heart of Iris concrete® intensely powdered, strong and powerful musks like the Muscenone®, Habanolide® and amber wood, quivering like Limbanol®. Elixir de Musk is not a perfume, it’s a hot and musky cocoon.

No head notes

Heart notes: concrete iris, Limbanol®, Habanolide®

Base notes: heliotrope, Muscenone®, Ketalox®